Spinning Over You



Music Video

The Project

This is the music video I directed for Reyko’s «Spinning Over You». All the video is centered on one premise: placing Soleil in a totally Surrealist and labyrinthine world, where her character roams in that state of “love hypnosis” the song transmits.


I wanted this piece to be an illustration made real.

All the crew worked very hard to achieve this graphical universe. A 95% of what you see in the final video was real, it was actually happening in front of the camera.

I also wanted to give the piece some brush strokes inspired by artists I love, like Oskar Schlemmer, Magritte, Jean-Paul Goude or several 80s artists.


Directed by Josep Prat Sorolla
Produced by O

Executive producers Rafa Montilla & Emilia Fort
Producer Fiona Vidal-Quadras
Director of Photography Elias M. Félix
Production Designer Alexandra Jordana
Costume Designer Cris Quer
Choreographer Tuixen Benet
Make-up Artist Alba Pesas
Grade Marc Morató at Metropolitana
Postproduction Coordinator Yukio Montilla