Post Party

Personal project with Álvaro Peñalta & Berta Oliveres
Collaboration project with Álvaro Peñalta & Berta Oliveres


Creative & Art Direction

The Project

In 2016, I had the pleasure to work with Álvaro Peñalta and Berta O. Peig in this special project. At that moment, we had a studio called Cubbish, whose idea was to be a multidisciplinary laboratory, were everything could be possible. We decided to do this project to show our philosophy.



So we started from the concept of the merge of two seemingly disparate elements that create a story, a new universe. Fusion concept, linked to the philosophy of Cubbish.

The scene reflects a situation where several characters are mixed after a night out.
A metaphor for the fusion of creative elements through an orgy.


Creative & Art Direction: Josep Prat Sorolla & Álvaro Peñalta & Berta Oliveres
Photographed by: Bernat Oller 

Legs: Carla Mercader & Pere Tió
Production: Berta O. Peig
Art Direction: Álvaro Peñalta & Josep Prat Sorolla
Make Up: Alaitz Albuquerque
Post-Production: Álvaro Peñalta & Josep Prat Sorolla