buy Clomiphene online from usa Playstation – NBA 2K22

Cover Reveal
The Project NBA 2K22 Cover reveal


I had the pleasure to be part of the 2d animation team working on this cool project for PlayStation’s NBA 2K directed by Ernest Desumbila and post-produced by Sauvage.
We’ve been painting and playing with the footage in order to give some hints about this year’s NBA2K cover athletes.

Director’s Cut

The 6 short stories

Six 15-second pieces were intervened using collage and painting techniques.

N2K_DC_MASTER_422HQ_2K_v004 (0-00-05-15)
NBA2K22 Cover Reveal (0-05-17-05)
N2K_DC_MASTER_422HQ_2K_v004 (0-00-45-07)
N2K_DC_MASTER_422HQ_2K_v004 (0-00-23-10)


Directed by: Ernest Desumbila
Post-produced by: Sauvage