Javiera Mena

Dentro de ti

Javiera Mena


Music Video

The Project

This is the music video I directed for Javiera Mena’s “Dentro de ti”.
The main idea was to show Javiera singing inside a mobile set that never stops spinning and that keeps changing and evolving as she interprets the song, trying to show the journey from the outside world to inside herself.

I liked the idea of  playing with the concepts of «inside-outside» and creating a surreal and impossible space that surrounds the artist.

The music video was highly inspired by the universe of René Magritte. 


Directed by: Josep Prat Sorolla / Sepe
Produced by: O

Executive Producer: Emília Fort
Producer: Fiona Vidal-Quadras
DoP: Pau Muñoz
Art Director: Alexandra Jordana
Stylist: Ahida Aguirre
Hair&MakeUp: Xisca Heba
Choreographer: Anna Macau Comella
Post production coordinator: Yukio Montilla
VFX Supervisor & Composer : Cherrycola
Titles Design: Affaire